Zksync Era Mainnet gas fees cheapest so far?

Ngl I’ve seen a lot of people complain about Zksync gas fees and I tend to wonder what they’re actually doing wrong because Zksync so far seem to be a nice chain with crazy innovations considering their 50 - 90% gas refunds per transaction on the chain. For me I personally use Orbiter.finance for my bridging and Syncswap.xyz for swaps and interactions and the gas fees I spend each time are usually low (plus the 50-90% refunds) , Idk but you shouldn’t experience much gas charges using these 2. Let me know your feedback if you’ve been using them and it has been working for you :point_down:


nice knowledge


“cheap” is relative when it comes to crypto


True, what is cheap to you might not be to another person

I think syncswap is the cheapest for gas fees and then mintsquare.io for nfts

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Gas are cheap currently

At one point the gas was actually a bit high, but now it has gone back to normal, i think is one of the best project onboard

Yea this is true.

Yea this is true, haha

Cheapest ? I’m not sure, arbi, nova or polygon better