Zethan Airdrop!

How to get positioned for
confirmed NFT holders will be eligible for an airdrop worth over 2,500 worth of Zeth tokens. Let’s dive in

The ecosystem has a native nft collection known as “Zethanx”
Owning this nft gives holders benefits such as:

$ZETH Airdrop
Cross-chain gaming
Access to in-game nft
Launchpad nft
30% of the platform’s revenue

Now, to get the airdrop you need to mint an nft Max 2 nfts per wallet According to the team, minting the nft gives access to a guaranteed 2200 worth of airdrop in [$ZETH]
Mint price: the mint start price is $0.018 ETH, and Price increases by 5% per 100 sold.

No public price

Mint date: 5th June 11 am UTC

Supply: 5000

For now, all you need do is to get the whitelist spot by doing the zealy task
Link:Zealy - Join the movement

For clarity, [$ZETH] is the project’s native token.
The token is;

Used by players in the ecosystem
Airdrop incentives
Play-to-earn rewards
Marketing etc…

[$ZETH]will be listed at $0.15 No presale, No private sale, nor VCs,
the airdrop [$ZETH]tokens will be vested and distributed monthly
The token ticker has recently been added to coinmarket cap pending when trading goes live

For more information visit the links below
Link3: [zethandao | Link3.to]
Discord: [Zethan]
Whitepaper: [http://wp.zethan.io]
Website: [http://zethan.io]

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0.018 eth to mint them NFT!
Will it be worth it?

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Are you :100: with this information??

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How much will this 2,000 ZETH when launched?
Any idea?


They have changed their criteria now. You need to buy and stake 150, 300 or 500 $ZETH tokens now to unlock your 2200 tokens bit by bit over a course of around half a year. After giving all my wallet permissions i feel abit unsafe now. Lastly thier social accounts are very quite and not very active.


thanks bro for information


thanks for information bro