Zetachain airdrop cofirmed mid q4


Funding: $25M

  1. Get Testnet Tokens:
    • BNB Faucet: BNB Smart Chain: Faucet
    • gETH Faucet: https://goerlifaucet.com/
    • Polygon Mumbai : https://mumbaifaucet.com/

  2. Go to: ZetaLabs Connect Wallet and Twitter (you get 5000 ZETA by joining via my Invite link)

  3. Click on “GET ZETA” to Claim ZETA faucets

  4. Go to ZetaChain → “zeta-faucet” Channel and Request some ZETA Tokens “zeta faucet drip YOUR ADRESS zetachain”

  5. Swap once a week for 7000 ZETA → ZetaLabs ( i prefer gETH → Polygon Mumbai)

  6. -ZETA Assimilated 201 & 101 Form:

(ZETA Assimilated 101)

(ZETA Assimilated 201)

Answers for 101:

:one: All the above (and any existing & future chain!)
:two: Omnichain decentralized app
:three: Access and manage assets…
:four: All the above
:five: Bitcoin
:six: B
:seven: All the above & much more!

Answers for 201:

:one: Athens testnet
:two: Zeta
:three: Paying gas fees…
:four: ZetaScan
:five: 5 million+
:six: Validators, Observers, & Signers
:seven: $2 billion+

  1. Go to Galxe: Mission Bring ZETA Home by ZetaChain | Galxe (mint every OAT you can)
  2. Go to Guild: ZetaChain (get every Role)
  3. Invite Friends to zeta labs to get more ZETA Points
  4. Done → Reapet: 1 & 4 & 5