Zerion Airdrop Thread

:mega: Zerion Airdrop Thread :helicopter:

  1. Secure Your Spot for the Zerion Airdrop :sparkles:
    Position yourself for the Zerion airdrop by joining the WAITLIST. Check your email if youโ€™re already on the list; if not, no worries!

  2. Limited Early Bird Codes :star2:
    Only 5 early bird codes available for the Zerion Wallet Extension. Access via PC or Mises browser.


  3. Claim Your Early Bird NFT :tada:
    Connect to your wallet through the provided links and claim your early bird NFT.

  4. Wallet Eligibility Check :bar_chart:
    Make sure to import your Metamask wallet and set it up.

  5. Mint Your Zerion NFT :framed_picture:
    Visit the NFT section in your wallet and mint your Zerion NFT (estimated gas cost: $1.50 on the Ethereum network).

Get ready for some joy with the Zerion Airdrop! :rainbow: #Zerion #Airdrop #CryptoNFTs


where the hack is the NFT section in the wallet ? its a shocker, hard to find ???


where is the mint the zerion DNA at ? thankjs


Kudos. Very nice


Will follow the steps strictly. Thanks


Great info man

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When you register, import your account you will be able to see your balance and nft section. Go to the nft section the Zerion DNA nft will pop up for minting

You are welcome

Stay tuned for more alphas

Great stuff here

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Iโ€™m loyal bro

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