Your favorite nft

Hi everyone! What are your favorite NFT projects and what do you think about the NFTs on Aptos? As someone new to the NFT space Id like to know everyones oppinion. Also what so you guys think about NFTs on Sui?


My favorite NFT on Aptos is pontem Space Pirates ATM, and there are other super cool collections on Aptos.

Currently the NFT collections on SUI seems not very successful, but usually, NFT is long term investments (except flipping traders), so they depends on the future developments of SUI ecosystem (collections on Aptos are the same)

With the increasing adoption of cryptos, I believe there will be more people joining web3 and all solid projects will see the explosion of their ecosystem, especially Aptos :rocket:


I don’t even know


great! thank you for your oppinion!


You guys should Ape in for Venom I think their are on testnet now so probability it will be yours after mainnet

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Sumiya Club, an NFT project in Korea.

It is a project made with the motif of a famous singer, and it is expanding its scope in various ways and continues to grow.
Chain: Klaytn

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thanks will check it out!

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You can recommend one for us