You Missed APTOS 1st Airdrop ? But here is how you may qualify for a second one

Here is a picture of the total amount meant for the community from the initial circulating supply.

Here is the total amount that was airdropped Last year by the Aptos Foundation as stated by Binance.

Compare the two supply you would understand that a whopping sum of 480M Tokens will still be made available to the community, Bit by bit

From my findings, Aptos will still use the same pattern it used in the first airdrop, but now, it will take more deep recognition of the real active community.

This is not a Retroactive Airdrop or some sort where you will burn money or create volume to get in.

It might be through getting the Aptos Community Badges , interacting dapps and by being an active community member.

I will soon post one more detailed post on badges stay tuned , do not forget to like - reply and vote. Until then be active on community forum help people in comments share necessary info.


Aptos to make me rich, Here We Go

Just finding out about the forum sadly…leggo tho

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