$YADA on BRC - 20, An alpha or A joke?

Bitcoin chain has evolved and grown into something unimagination in recent years, with the last recent major changes been Ordinal NFTs.
But now we have a Game Changer in the form of BRC-20, a disguised shit-coin for the perfect degeneracy on the 1st chain on Blockchain.

Accordiing to the news on the streets, it has gotten to my attention that a lot of BTC maxis are freaking out by the new development and may/mayn’t wish ill of it under the pretext that it has led to a great amount of congestion on the Bitcoin network.

Follow me for more updates and news, bazz.


i’ve been seeing them around, like threads and ive been wanted to know more :thinking:

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I’ll be posting more info today

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I’m yet to flow with this meta, the traffic is causing high gas fee in bitcoin blockchain