XRP surges by close to 70% after Judge rules in favour of Ripple

XRP token surged by almost 70% in the last 48 hours after a Judge
declared that the token is “not necessarily a security on its face”.
This marks a big win for Ripple Labs and several other tokens that
are in the same boat as XRP.

After a long three-year legal battle with the SEC, Ripple Labs is
seeing light at the end of the tunnel. In 2020, the SEC sued Ripple
for breaching the US securities law because the token was sold without
first being registered as a security. This led to a massive downward
spiral in XRP prices. Since then, XRP had been trading in a range far
lesser than its all-time high of close to $3.
This finally seems to be changing since day before yesterday (13th July 2023)
after a Judge in the Southern District of New York gave favourable
regulations to Ripple.