Workshops for RU-community

Hi friends!

I have a small but useful suggestion:
as practice shows, there is a language barrier that prevents the active participation of a large part of the RU-community in the events held in English.

The solution is obvious: you can hold weekly workshops in Russian (for example, discuss what happened last week and share Aptos’ plans for next week).
I am sure that such workshops will be popular and will significantly increase the involvement among our community.

And another very important aspect: it is an opportunity to ask questions and get qualified answers to them (I think that there will be a lot of scam closer to the listing, so we can counter it).

I think many members of the RU-community will be able to take an active part in these workshops, so I hope for support! :handshake:


Nice suggestion! I’m working on it. :rocket:


Great idea that needs to be done!
If you need any help, I’m here!

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Thank you :slight_smile: Let’S talk about it in tomorrows call (see coordinators channel)

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I would like join to this call, but I do not have the role of coordinator :point_left:

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thks you for your support! :handshake:

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by the way, I’m currently working on another project (I will publish it soon), I will be glad to support! :heart:

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Great idea! Let`s go!

Definitely a great idea! There are a lot of people who don’t speak much English, and it would be great to have such workshops for discussion and communication. Now you’ll have to work on the material for discussions and organizing the workshops!


thks for your active support! :clap:
I hope the idea will be implemented in the near future (with the active participation of Jovar)


Once again, congratulations on getting the role. Now it remains to implement this project all together! I would like to take part in this too.

Really nice proposal, i wanna participate. Lets go for it, u can DM me on Discord :handshake:

Go go do it.

Давайте сделаем это!

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Nice to see such active support!
The group of coordinators is actively working on the implementation, everything will be soon)

Maybe even next week)
Follow the announcements in the ru-branch of the discord :point_left:

It’s nice to see your desire to help in the implementation. We will let you know as soon as we have information. :+1:

Thanks for the congratulation))
And for your real work on the implementation of this uggestions.

Yesterday’s 2 hour meeting for ru-community coordinators was informative and useful for all of us. We discussed many ideas and suggestions.
I hope that workshops for the ru-community will also be interesting, useful, meaningful and popular) :rocket:

by the way, you can vote for this suggestions (top left of the page) :wink:

Yes, this is a very cool idea that will bring our Aptos community together :blue_heart:

WorkShop in Russian language really cool idea, guys! Im apply

thanks for supporting my suggestions! :+1:
you can vote for this suggestions (top left of the page) :point_up_2: