Working with the Aptos community. Raise activity

Hello everyone, in my proposal I would like to touch on such a topic as community activity in the Aptos project.
We all understand that the greatest peak of activity in the project is reached before the start of the AIT1,2 test and will also be at AIT3.
After this event and the choice of node operators, there is a lull, some days even very strong.

I would like to share with Aptos my idea to attract a new audience and increase the activity of the old one through quizzes.

It’s not a new idea, I’ve seen it in some popular projects, but it has shown itself to be positive.

First of all, the proposal is aimed at working with discord users, since they form the main backbone of the community, and only then this community diverges into other parts of the project (forums, telegrams, etc.).
I offer two ways to work with the audience through weekly quizzes / quizzes with awards in the form of a special Aptos project nft collection.

  1. You can install a quiz discord bot in discord and arrange weekly quizzes for users with multiple answers. The topic of these quizzes would be questions about the project, collected from future whitepaper and AMA sessions, from the Education program that is being planned.
    The quiz discord bot has a timer for answering questions, and the one who answers faster and correctly gets a certain number of points takes first place, and the top first 5-10 users would receive commemorative NFTs as a reward that could be given out, for example via

  2. There is a second option, I like it more.
    You can arrange quizzes on the portal,, and give those who answer all the questions correctly the opportunity to brand special nft on
    It would be a special nft collection, and as soon as the user collects all the nft of this collection (let’s say 5-7 quizzes), he would get the right the main nft.
    In order to overcome multi-accounting and community dishonesty, time limits could be introduced for this quiz.

Why all this? As I said, this is a kind of marketing to attract a new and increase the activity of the old audience.
Most importantly, it will force the community to voraciously consume all existing and new content on the Aptos project.
And behind the possession of these NFTs in their wallets, one could announce a reward, in the future, or some privileges in the project, or hint at the fact that something may or may not exist :slight_smile:

I described this proposal using third-party services, but if Aptos has a ready-made solution for implementing this idea with the help of its resources, then this is doubly cool, the community will be able to constantly test the product right now.

This proposal should not be considered as a permanent event. I believe and know that the Aptos project has a great future, but in quiet moments, I think it’s a cool thing.
We have Move-Mondays, Workshop-Wednesdays, why not launch Friday-quizzes? :slight_smile:


Nice suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Will you elaborate on the goals and how you think we should measure success?

I’m wary of direct incentives for engagement, but I’d love to further explore ideas to reward learning.

As you mentioned, quizzes are somewhat problematic, but we may design other campaigns to improve community experience.

Let’s discuss!


Going based off your idea of quizzes, I think it’s important to keep things fun to a certain extent as well. Maybe there could be some form of Aptos trivia night using a platform like Kahoot.


Yes I agree. We need to think about increasing activity and involving new contributors and developers in the project.

Did I understand correctly? The benefit for the project is an increase in activity, and for the contributor NFT or rewards.

I would also think about what other benefit the contributor can get for himself.


I would say it should not only attract a new audience and increase the activity, but also to improve general understanding of the project: idea behind it, strengths, technology stack, and etc. Find it very important and useful as helps differentiate the project in people’s minds on a more solid basis (vs just name & logo). The criteria of success is monotonic meaning the more community members go through the educational quizzes - the better. In case it needs to have some specific number, some percent of the total number users from Discord group can be used as a hurdle (let’s say 20 or 30%).


Okay, it’s a little quiet in here, but it’s not because I’m messing around.
I keep thinking about some idea besides quizzes.
I am trying to understand which company will be better, in any case, if you launch some kind of event, there will be several thousand applications and several people will not be able to check it all in a short time (1-2 thousand individual applications / responses).
Some kind of automation and operational summing up will be needed.

I think something is needed that will attract a crowd of people who will be ready to do anything for the opportunity to participate (like in AIT).
But many participants without automated evaluation, without results through a bot, conditionally, are already a problem.

I believe that the main thing is involvement in the media environment of the project, then in the project itself, and finally in the technical part.

  1. Use of twitter, i.e., memes, funny tweets, photos from the life of “me and aptos”
    For example, to come up with a symbol for the project, some animal, a soft toy, it doesn’t matter …
    And make a photo shoot with him in life, in its various aspects, launch a challenge
    This is the media
  2. Involvement in the project. Here you need to create activity for a large crowd … The most popular and quickly gaining audience are quizzes, tests, puzzles, quests.
    Make a monthly activity plan. 1 - a general quiz, 2 - a technical test for knowledge of the project, in-depth (20-30 questions), 3 - puzzles / quests - scatter Easter eggs in various social networks, in discord, somewhere else, and the crowd should collect a complete picture and find some answer to a question, or collect some slogan, expression, picture…
    Those. some kind of final answer is needed, the result that the audience will have to piece together during the week in various directions of the project.
  3. Technical part… This is the project itself, nodes, Move language, training program, etc. There is already a springboard for the implementation of ideas … At this stage, you can select techies with a head, who do not even always participate in other activities.

Accordingly, for the first option, the reward is 25 conventional units, for the second 50, for the third 100-200 … I.e. if it’s coins, then 25-50-100 or 200. If it’s nft, then divide them by quality/rarity.
And for each stage you can get a special nft, of different rarity, which will have certain utilities corresponding to its class.
But all this needs to be evaluated from the side of marketing and the involvement of the team itself in this issue, including.
I continue to think about this special idea, I have already rejected several options. If you or someone from the community has thoughts on this, then I would love to hear them, maybe it will help me or someone from the community understand what is needed.
A kind of brainstorming.


This was awesome to read and I think you are definitely on the right page. I did just see Pontem, a partner of Aptos, launch a quiz and reward with prizes, so maybe that would be something the Aptos team would be interested in doing. We could potentially host these “quizzes” with our partners in the future as well, a way to introduce them so to say. (Aptos hosts the session and we have a new partner join us for each session. This would be a good way to introduce our partners)


Yes, I also noticed this and this is a great case that you can use.
But perhaps Aptos has more serious ambitions, and if he launches something In the future, then most likely something more ambitious and grandiose (as it seems to me) and I’m starting to understand this. Therefore, the quiz could be as part of this big something. In any case, we are all writing here in order to help users and help the team with our suggestions.


Most likely, if it makes sense to launch this company, it is probably better at the beginning of the maninet, for more attention to the project, something is already ready, going back to the first stage, which I wrote above:

  1. I suggest launching a week-long Twitter contest called Me&Aptos or Aptos in reality - users should take photos of themselves co-creating/helping the project in the funniest way possible. It can be a photo of art, baked cakes with Aptos logo, funny funny photos or short videos. 5 winners by likes and 5 will be chosen by the team.
    And now the first stage of the contest is ready.

On the second stage I am still thinking, but it seems to me that we should run some kind of puzzle, activity with some emphasis on discord. I am waiting for your thoughts and ideas :slight_smile:


I love your idea. :+1:
However, my concern is to provide official NFT and token.
More discussion with core team is needed and you take many time to negotiation.
I think it’s a waste to delay your project.

Therefore, I suggest community NFT, not official at first.

We hold a community NFT competition.
Creator draw a picture and apply.
Community vote to creator.
Winner issue NFT as Aptos community NFT.

Quiz is lead to good understanding aptos and competition NFT is involving creator.
If aptos core team admire the activity and result, there is a possibility to community NFT get official.
I believe it is more cool and this is the symbol to layer1 for everyone. :rocket:


Agree with this idea. But maybe not now it is cool fighting for NFT when market will be green.

maybe it will be something similar to cicada 3301? :eyes: I think that such a puzzle will become an unusual advertising campaign dedicated to the launch of mainet


although it is quite possible that the team has already come up with something unusual and exciting for us

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Another idea to hold e just quizzes that no doubt will attract an audience, but also to do some kinds of contests (not complicated type of best meme, best tweet) Cool that we want to expand information about our cool project

Yes, that’s what I’m trying to do. During the next week I will try to make a small website and let it be tested by a small audience.


Thank you very much, I will be ready to help with testing

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Cool! The main thing is to come up with the concept itself and the framework. I think we can help with the elaboration of specific tasks in this puzzle

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I really liked the idea of ​​quizzes in the context of technical problems. I believe that this kind of activity should not only bring people together in a family, but also bring some value to the ecosystem. Stimulating the development of knowledge in the community is what we need.


Yes you are right! Thank you for your opinion!
Now we are developing a site with quests, its backbone will be the material on the Aptos project.

It should be an exciting process of learning something new and completing quests.
At the end, we even plan to give users, those who reach the final, to mint nft or something like that.
Kind of an achievement.
But creating something is a rather painstaking process, we will try to present our project in the next 10 days! :muscle:


This is the best marketing move :grin: :grin:

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