Will the aptos forum be considered as an airdrop criterion?

What is the chance that Aptos will count the forum level as an airdrop criterion? Since the network is very cheap, a lot of sybils have flooded in, making 100 transactions for $1. Aptos will have to filter out real users somehow. One of the options is active users of the Aptos forum. Currently, only 2.5k users have trust level 2. Of course, there is also the aptos domain, which is also worth having) What are your thoughts?


2.5k users it’s too small to weed out everyone else. Perhaps as an additional criterion, but I hardly believe it either :thinking:


This forum is good enough to use even without airdrop)


It is possible that some users on this forum will meet the criteria, for example users with a member level of only 2.5k, but in my opinion the main criteria will be taken from onchain activities. Anyway APT round 2 is still just a rumour.

Of course, I’m talking about an ADDITIONAL criterion. As for the rumor, it’s part of the life of a retro hunter to guess the future, isn’t it? :grinning: