Will SEC approve the BTC spot ETF? Give your opinion on this

:rotating_light::rocket: Breaking News , crypto fam! :rocket::rotating_light:

According to Bloomberg analysts, the long-awaited Bitcoin Spot ETF trading might kick off as early as January 11! This could be a game-changer, potentially propelling Bitcoin to $100,000! :fire::moneybag:

Are you excited about the potential launch of the Bitcoin Spot ETF? What are your predictions for how this could impact the crypto market? Join the conversation and let’s countdown to this historic event!


If this kicks off as anticipated, it could have a significant impact on Bitcoin. Let’s stay informed and see how this historic event unfolds!

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Too much talk already :sleeping:

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Positively in the market

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I am excited and still a bit of the opinion that it might get rejected

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so much progress and work together with the SEC, I don’t know how it can be blocked again, but it’s the SEC…

I’m curious how these ‘experts’ come up with “95%” chance of approval and how impartial they really are. I do think ETF approval is a matter of when not if. However, is it unreasonable to think that these experts are any different to influencers shilling their shitcoins except more legitimised and at a larger level? Ultimately this whole rally has been driven by the narrative propagated by these “experts”


it might be rejected but regardless the bull season is still hear

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This is going to set the crypto space on fire. Cant wait


Yes, don’t really see any other outcome besides a PUMP :rocket: