Will bitcoin die?

Historically, bitcoin starts to rise after halving every 4 years (and altcoins following bitcoin) and a bull market begins, but what if that’s not the case this time?

Just because it’s the first cryptocurrency doesn’t mean that it has to be like this forever and that bitcoin will grow forever, sooner or later it has to end, in fact now I see that even ETH is much more promising than bitcoin itself, although now many people are using bitcoin as a form of accumulation of their assets, digital gold in other words, and that’s not a bad thing, but where am I going with this?

“Black Swan” a few days ago showed us that even bitcoin can fall in value just because one person decided to sell a large part of his savings, in addition, a major company went bankrupt in China, all this affected the crypto market, it is natural, I want to tell you not to put all your eggs in one basket, and diversify your portfolio, nobody knows what can happen tomorrow, put some of your money not only in bitcoin, but also in other coins, some of it even in risky assets, something will rise and something will fall, and you will not lose all your money because of the fact that some coin has fallen in value, but anyway, bitcoin is still one of the safest and most reliable assets now, no matter how strange it sounds.

I think many people already understand such basic things, but maybe there are newcomers here now who are new to cryptocurrency and my thoughts will help someone at least a little bit.


This is really informative. There is a very great possibility that in the future bitcoin might not be strong again. Great advice is not to put all your eggs in one basket. People should research on other altcoins to invest in


Bitcoin is here to stay imo


Bitcoin is here to stay. Soon the whole world will embrace it


You are right my brother, and Bitcoin is like any other asset, but whales are the ones who control this market, so you should not deposit everything you own in one asset, and I myself never invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum, but rather in other currencies with strong and promising projects