Whyyyy aptos are unique

Aptos stands apart from other blockchain projects, most notably due to its heritage as the successor of Meta’s Diem blockchain project, which was eventually cancelled. Meta, formerly Facebook, caused waves in the blockchain space when they announced the Libra Blockchain (which later became Diem). Since Meta is one of the largest and most successful tech and social media companies on the planet, their Diem blockchain had some of the best talents in tech working on it.

Former Meta employees decided to continue to carry out the work of completing the mission of fulfilling Meta’s vision for creating a next-generation blockchain which could meet the demands of mainstream adoption. This effort is what has become Aptos. Aptos brings with it Meta’s Move smart contract language, which was designed to be safe and reliable and was originally intended for Diem.


but you forget . aptos love the community more than other project lol

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aptos great project and team

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