Why you shouldn't hate Sui foundation, and heal your soul for greater opportunities

First, I would love to assert that I was not selected for Sui token sale on any exchange. At first, I couldn’t believe it because I did the whole testnet quest but how come that sui decided to sell their token to people that has no idea about sui foundation. Someone like my friends and I have been interacting with the testnet since 2022 but some newbies who recently join discord in early 2023 we’re selected.

It’s painful right?
Okey here is what to Note! if you’re still feeling bad for not been selected to participate in sui token sale.

  1. Sui never hinted on any airdrop so all the interactions we did were due to the speculations about airdrop.
  2. Again, you were not forced to it.
  3. Sui is not owing you any dime so they have the right to do whatever thing they want with their money.
  4. Continue interacting with other projects eg Zetachain. Zetachain is my favorite for now😍.
  5. Forget about sui entirely, and heal your soul for greater opportunities.
    Self love first!:heart::1st_place_medal:

@fjing2024 I site you bro. Thanks for the like

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No Airdrop = No Community.
they have cheated everyone specially old members of DC community and Testnet users.
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That’s very true. We’ve to find another way to get rewarded.

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@monika24 Here is list of top projects I’m currently hopeful about.

  • Layerzero: I’m yet to interact with layerzero
  • Zksync: Interacted
  • Starknet: Interacted
  • Zetachain: Still interacting
  • Scroll Alpha: Still interacting
  • Linea testnet: Still interacting
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