👉 Why to use & how to get benefit of APTOS COMMUNITY FORUM

This forum is kinda new version of discord that is special for Aptos only.
However, its extremely well structured and organized by categories and rest of the function provided through the platform.
To use the full potential of the platform do the followings frequently

:octopus: Menu Button on Top-Right

since this button on top navigates you through all over the platform it will help you to use the community very efficient.

:octopus: Profile Icon on Top-Right

If you cheking this one frequently you are not going to miss anything important. You will be able to catch all mentions and in badges you have earned and more right away.

:octopus: discobot

This is smart bot programmed to guide and assist you throughout the platform. It will be like you are tagging team member so they can go an check. Its not AI yet but I guess they might implement one in the future.

Let me know if more thing need to be added on a list.