Why the next BTC halving will play a key role in bringing the next bull run

As of now, we are less than 1 year away from the next Bitcoin halving date which is scheduled to take place on the 11th of May,2024.

There is currently lots of anticipation and hopium in the market as to just how much we could see BTC and alt coins go. Some say 100k will be seen👀.

Have you ever wondered why the halving brings about a rise in the price of Bitcoin? Well, it quite simply revolves around the concept of demand and supply. In Economics, we are taught that the smaller the supply of supply of something is, the higher the demand and the price per unit because only a small amount of the item is available to an unlimited amount of buyers. This is seen in all areas of life down to the food we buy(When food is scarce, the price you can buy it at will increase significantly).

Bitcoin is a coin that was created to only increase in amount through mining. As miners participate in and complete tasks, they help to add more blocks to the “BLOCKCHAIN OF BITCOIN “ and they get REWARDS for each BLOCK that they add to the chain. As of 2010, the reward that was given per block added was about 50 Bitcoins. Currently in 2023, the reward given to miners per block is about 6.25 bitcoin per block.

So What happened??

The Halving!

During Bitcoin Halvings, the rewards that are given to miners for every block they add to the chain is halved. That means the rewards automatically become HALF of what they used to be. And so we can say that when the next halving comes in May 2024, the rewards will reduce once again from 6.25 to 3.12BTC per block.

This process helps to effectively prevent inflation of Bitcoin while limiting the supply of course and increasing demand. Any item that becomes scarce will see a high flow of liquidity and demand come to it. How much more the number one and most popular crypto asset?

Not to mention, institutional investors are always going to invest in an asset whenever there is lots of interest from Retail buyers. The Halving event always brings that interest as everyone will be putting their money and making predictions on where they see the price going.

So start positioning yourself now so you can take advantage of what is to come soon.

You can use this site to keep track of the countdown-



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