Why some big project when held airdrop with vesting the price down every stage but if no vesting when airdropped sell their coin price will rising higher?

What do you thing about this ?


Not true bro


In large-scale projects, the prices in each stage of an airdrop tend to decrease due to promotional and market strategy considerations. Gradually lowering the price attracts more participants and provides more attractive rewards for early adopters. This pricing gradient is set to incentivize early involvement, increase project visibility, and foster community engagement.

On the other hand, if coins are sold without attribution during an airdrop, the price may be higher. This is because there are no early participation rewards or promotional discounts offered by the project. In this case, participants can only acquire coins through market purchases, and the price is directly influenced by market supply and demand. If the project receives widespread attention, recognition, and high market demand, the price of the coin may increase accordingly.

In summary, the pricing in an airdrop and the market price of unattributed coins are determined by different factors and strategies. The purpose of price reduction in an airdrop is to encourage early participation and project promotion, while the market price of unattributed coins is influenced by factors such as market supply and demand and investor sentiment.


Thanks for the opinion :+1: