Why should aptos succeed?

Let me say a few words about the much acclaimed Aptos. I read the whole doc (https://aptos.dev/) and I liked it quite a bit.
As for blockchain at the start - it is written in a very detailed and clear way. Comparing to Solana doku, it’s much more pleasant.

2 / Now a lot of people like to call Aptos the killer of Solana. However, it is better to compare it with Ethereum. It still has gas limit, gas price, contracts (modules, scripts). However there is a lot of nice innovations.

3 / You can set a deadline for transaction. I.e. you can send a transaction with a reduced gveh and it will be valid until a certain time. After that it just becomes invalid.

4 / ERC20/ERC721/ERC1155 tokens are defined at blockchain level. That is, unlike ether, all tokens here have one template and it will be easier for developers to write Dapps.

5 / Unlike Solana here has Mempool, because of what the blockchain will not lag so much and your transactions will be sent exactly, but not lost somewhere.

6 / Easy and fast node lifting. And in 3 modes at once! (from scratch, with downloading and checking, with downloading). For example on the air very long was not even the second mode.

7 / Lots of other little bells and whistles:

  • Multisig transaction is already supported at the blockchain level
  • Much more onchain data (as it seems to me). For example on ether, the same nft bidding on any of the marketplaces is a signature, without a transaction. That’s why developers have to parse sites api, not ontchein events.
    Aptos uses transactions for that, and it’s very easy to track them by the module’s events.
    Why they don’t do it on the air - it’s expensive.
  • Aptos-token(ERC721/ERC1155) has some interesting mechanics. You can get a nft transfer, but you have to make a branding to get it. You can also uproof the collection and then the non-sticky transfers will work. This is convenient because you can only upruv the normal collection and get nft without branding, and the other trash will not clutter up your inventory

This point is powerful. Have never seen something like this

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