Why outgoing transfers in APTOS BRIDGE take so long?

AptosBridge (APTOS BRIDGE by LayerZero) - bridge between Aptos and other EVM networks, created with LayerZero support!

Connect your wallet on website (APTOS BRIDGE by LayerZero) and send USDC, USDT, ETH from supported EVM networks to Aptos network.

It is important to note that when you transfer back from Aptos, the transaction takes THREE days! Why does transaction from aptos take so long :roll_eyes:? Do you like aptos wallet ?


Transferring Assets from Aptos to Other Chains

Transfers out of Aptos are subject to a 2 to 3 day waiting period before the transaction is completed. This waiting period is for security purposes and allows for a significant number of blocks to be finalized before relaying messages to non-Aptos chains.


In the future, this will surely take less. I think it’s just a measure of precaution until everything’s running smoothly.


Such withdrawal deadlines are set in many official network bridges, for example, on the Arbitrum and Optimism too. Nevertheless, I recommend using it for deposits, and you can withdraw back using other bridges, for example meson.fi :thinking:

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