Why MicroStrategy Boss Michael Saylor Is So Bullish On Bitcoin?

Amid a global financial landscape marked by inflation concerns and monetary policy changes, Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, has referred to Bitcoin as “perfected engineered crypto gold,” highlighting its potential as a store of value and a hedge against inflation.

Bitcoin’s Vital Role

Saylor’s comments came during a podcast discussion on Tuesday where he delved into the nature of money and the challenges presented by traditional investment strategies in a time of economic uncertainty. The bitcoin maximalist began by reflecting on the changing dynamics of money, the potential erosion of wealth, and the impact on his company’s employees.

As inflation concerns loom and central banks contemplate raising interest rates, Saylor deemed traditional investment instruments such as bonds no longer deemed reliable.

“I started going down this rabbit hole of thinking what is money when I starting thinking about what is money when I realized I was going to lose my money and destroy the livelihoods of all my employees…when Jerome Powell states I’ve been thinking of raising interest rates you know your strategy of investing in bonds is broken,” said Saylor.

Why Bitcoin?

Saylor then outlined two key problems associated with holding stocks as a store of value. Firstly, the lack of scarcity in stocks as additional shares can be issued, diluting the value. Secondly, he noted that stocks are subject to political and market dynamics that can affect their long-term viability.

The Microstrategy boss contrasted this with Bitcoin, stating, “Bitcoin helps you get the property out of the country and rent it out to other people in other countries where inflation is not an issue.” He also described Bitcoin as “digital property” that can be instantly transported across borders and possesses a unique set of qualities, including immutability, divisibility, and resistance to decay.

Expanding on his view of Bitcoin, Saylor emphasized its scarcity and durability, comparing it favorably to traditional assets like gold. He highlighted its weightlessness, speed of transfer, and resistance to decomposition.

Bitcoin is perfected engineered gold, crypto gold with none of the defects of gold,” he stated.

Saylor comments comes after he expressed his concerns about the Federal Reserve and its actions earlier this year, underscoring his belief in the potential of Bitcoin as a financial asset.


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