Why is randomness important in Web3?

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The Web3 universe has tons of different areas like consensus protocols, gaming platforms, DeFi applications, communities, DAOs, and even that’s just scratching the surface. But I bet you a cold one that high-quality randomness plays a key role in every single one of ‘em. It’s clear as day in lotteries and gaming features like cool item drops or loot boxes. But randomness also turns the wheels of more complex stuff like cryptography, statistics, simulations, and even securing blockchain consensus algorithms. Basically, good randomness really matters.

Now, this is where things get tricky. Usually, devs would just program random outcomes. When the stakes are a bit higher, they can even secure it with a Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to add some more integrity to it. But when it comes to the stakes at play in Web3, just trusting the developer won’t cut it. We need it to be decentralized and written on-chain too. It’s gotta be trustless, verifiable, and on-chain like that. And on top of that, it’s gotta be legitimately good randomness too.

Good randomness for Web3 is like a perfect lottery system — unpredictable, unbiased, and verifiable. It’s gotta be unpredictable, impossible to know what’s coming next so nobody can manipulate the outcome. Also, it better be unbiased and generated without a shred of undue influence or favoritism. Verifiability is critical too, we need to be able to go on-chain and verify results like seeing the live drawings of lotteries. That’s where Supra’s novel VRF comes to the rescue.

Supra’s cryptographers have built an on-chain VRF solution that’s got all these basics covered, along with scalability and low-latency performance too. Nobody wants to be waiting around 10 minutes for a loot crate to open. We need quality randomness, and we need it now. That’s what Supra VRF does. It gives Web3 builders the firepower of a decentralized, verifiable, low-latency, and tamper-proof source of randomness. Already on most major testnets and moving to many mainnets swiftly, Supra VRF is quickly becoming the preferred tool for developers navigating the Web3 universe. It’s helping them build secure, fair, and dynamic applications and way better experiences across Web3.