Why is new language (Move) is better than other?

Move is a programming language designed specifically for building decentralized applications on blockchain platforms such as Libra. Here are some potential advantages of using Move over other programming languages:

  1. Security: Move was designed with security as a top priority. The language provides a secure execution environment that ensures the safety of assets and prevents unauthorized access. Move uses a static type system that helps catch errors at compile-time, reducing the likelihood of security vulnerabilities in the code.
  2. Efficiency: Move is designed for efficiency and performance on blockchain platforms. The language is optimized for the constraints of blockchain networks, such as limited computational resources and high network latency. Move also uses a resource management system that ensures efficient use of blockchain resources, such as storage and bandwidth.
  3. Simplicity: Move has a simple syntax and a small set of features, making it easier to learn and use. The language is designed to be easy to understand, even for developers with little experience in blockchain programming.
  4. Customizability: Move is highly customizable, allowing developers to define their own custom modules and data structures. This flexibility makes it easier to build complex decentralized applications on the blockchain.
  5. Integration: Move is designed to be easily integrated with other programming languages and blockchain platforms. This means that developers can use Move to build smart contracts and decentralized applications that can communicate with other blockchain networks, such as Ethereum.

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