Why is Bitcoin the solution?

Why is Bitcoin the solution?

I share with you a recent experience that happened to me

Last week, I bought a new car for 11K €.
The seller wanted an instant transfer to avoid getting ripped off.

No problem, I call my bank the next morning to raise my instant transfer limit to 15K €, my advisor accepts and I go confidently to the appointment, 1 hour from home.

When I arrived, I decided to make the transfer to the buyer to validate my purchase. Only, I can only make an instant transfer of 5K €, which I do by telling myself that my ceiling had been increased and that I could therefore make another instant transfer (or two). But no … I find myself in front of the seller, having received 5K out of 11, and with the impossibility of transferring the rest. It was 8pm, my bank was closed and the seller does not want crypto.

I left with the vehicle registration card, praying that the buyer would be honest.

The next morning, I call my bank, my advisor tells me that the ceiling of instant transfer is 5K € (why she confirmed the day before to have increased my ceiling of instant transfer to 15K €? I do not know … But I’m very upset with her). So I had to arrange with my mother to make an instant transfer of 5K € when I’m with the seller, and I tell myself that I’ll arrange to pay the remaining 1K €.
I go back in the afternoon to see the buyer, my mother makes the transfer. The buyer has 10K €.
For the missing 1K I decide to make a Paypal. Paypal ceiling 500 €, I send him.
Then a Lydia. Lydia ceiling 300 €. I send him.
I call my mother back so that she can make a Paypal of 200 €. She sends him.
I finally have my car!

I then sent back 5K5 € to my mother.

Conclusion: 6 transactions for one purchase. Money in the bank is not your money.

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