Why invest in $APT?

Hi, guys
you don’t know me, to be honest, I don’t even know who I am

I will take you 2 minutes to express my opinion on why you should invest in $APT


  1. Transactions are very fast, transfer between wallets ( Pontem, Matrian, Petra) takes 2 seconds
  2. Binance invested in Aptos, they rarely made mistakes
  3. A bunch of NFT projects and cool marketplaces (Bluemove, Souffl3, Topaz)
  4. Despite the fact that the market is falling, $APT is stable around 4.3-4.7. what will happen in the bull market?
  5. Now we are at the very beginning of a huge ecosystem
  6. The sweetest thing now is nft projects, invested 4 dollars in various nft projects just by buying their picture, and in a year you can make good money

P.S. Only by joint efforts will we raise the APTOS ecosystem. Fuck paperhands. We need builders here LFG

do not regard the article as advice in investing, just my opinion NFA DYOR