Why i love aptos ecosystem

I love the Aptos ecosystem because it is a new Layer 1 blockchain that is faster, more secure, and more scalable than other L1 blockchains that are live today 4 . Aptos was built by former Meta engineers, who also developed the Move language for this blockchain 4 . The Aptos mainnet launched in October 2022 4 . The ecosystem already hosts more than 200 projects, with dozens of dApps live on the mainnet, and many more on the testnet 4 . Here are some of the most popular: Aptos wallets: Pontem Wallet, Petra, Martian, Fewcha, Rise, Blocto Aptos DEX: Liquidswap, PancakeSwap, AUX, AnimeSwap, Obric, HoustonSwap, Aptoswap DEX aggregators: Hippo, Kana Labs (+ Aptos staking) Liquid staking: Ditto 4 I also appreciate that Aptos is built to theoretically achieve high transaction throughput and scalability without sacrificing security 2 . Despite being a relatively new blockchain, Aptos has already gained a lot of attention and investor backing 5 . Finally, I love the Aptos community, which is growing rapidly and has a lot of potential 3 .


good write up brother