Why has cryptocurrency come? Is it merely for trading like any other asset, buying/selling NFTs and few extra utilities or for some big reason?

When I have heard first time about crypto in 2015 , It seemed like scam kind of asset and I remained adamant for this and didn’t buy BTC on several proposals by friends … Now I realized , it has come to stay forever until a different superior finance system found. What do u all say about crypto?


That’s a very good question. I myself hasn’t learn enough to answer that question


its a new form of money

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Just share if u understand this question to the people who knows crypto better… We all must discuss this

It seems enough you got since those time till now, right?

yes course, it is internet money… But when UPI kind of digital form is there then why Crypto?

because its decentralizied

Decentralization is a nice word which gives indeed a sense of self reliance… But can you name a true decentralized token/project? All of them are still in hands of few centralized private guys who can change the rules anytime and your assets gets stuck… You say you have decentralized wallets but they are controlled and regulated by few who is not responsible for any country central authority. So we are still in cryptocurrency primitive stage

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