Why exchanges are ban in some countries

Huobi Crypto Exchange stopped operations in Malaysia .


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Binance stopped in Canada. Why all that please

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yup why ??

Some countries have regulations which prohibit the functioning of these exchanges


yup I agree with your statement but some countries still don’t know how crypto work and how it is useful for our future so they made some rules that are rigid like, in India flat 30% tax is imposed on every transaction while you made a profit or loss

Insane. Can you tell me how this taxes are deducted please

that is still not clear but they announced that You have to write down your all transactions whether profit or loss after you convert into currency and at the last of the financial year you’ll have to pay your own and if it is incorrect you’ll be in jail for 6 months or pay some big amount fine @nchefeh

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That’s crazy man. How do you guys cope with that?

still, i didn’t withdraw any amount but when I will I’ll have to pay 30% tax

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Isn’t they a way you can try to evade such taxes ?