Why Doganode Validator

Hello, I’m Doğan, from Turkey. I have been closely interested in the crypto universe since 2020. For me, the pinnacle of this universe was to learn node setup and to learn how to create a validator. I am still learning. Every new project is a new school for me. I have been a validator in many projects such as Sui, Quicksilver, Sei, Subspace, Ironfish, Minima, Forta. I like helping people with this.

Turkish and English

Goodluck everyone

Setup: 8vcpu, 16gb ram, 600gb ssd

TG: de_te_fabula_narratur
DC: gönlü zengin#8838
Twitter: @gonluzenngin
Github: Cryptograsi (Cryptograsi) · GitHub


Thanks. Good luck mate…

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Thank you for your informative share about Rues, the guru of Testnet events.

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