Why does INJ not just stand and even grow in spite of Bitcoin’s fall?

We all see the constant fad from the government, bans on exchanges, regulation of cryptocurrencies, etc. Injective acts as an L1 blockchain with the ability to trade with minimal fees, almost completely replacing centralized exchanges.

Why Injective?

  1. Injective uses a separate blockchain to process transactions, which achieves higher performance and scalability than on a Layer 1 blockchain. It also reduces the load on the underlying network, making it more resilient to attacks and congestion.
  2. Decentralized governance: All members of the network have equal access to decision-making regarding the development of the protocol, as it is managed through voting based on INJ tokens. This enhances decentralization and improves network security.
  3. Injective supports integration with other blockchain networks and digital assets, allowing a greater degree of interoperability and freedom in the choice of assets traded.
  4. Injective is constantly evolving and a large number of young professionals are constantly helping it develop. They already have a large ecosystem but this is just the beginning for the Injective era!

That is why INJ token itself is quite promising. Even now it can be delegated at 16% per year and receive passive income, you can be sure that the price will only go up. Even in spite of the pressure cryptocurrency and decentralization does not stand still and it seems to me that it is Injective that is the leader in decentralization due to its speed, low commissions in the network and security.


INJ is good project