Why can't i use Petra Wallet to get airdrop?

I am very happy to be qualified to apply for the airdrop. But I’m curious why I can’t do this with Petra Wallet. Once I use the Pontem Wallet, will I lose any rights?


I don’t know please, help me

How do you create a wallet

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sir can you tell me plz, the airdrop webpage is down any chance to claim airdrop?

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If you have received a letter. It seems that the link attached to the letter is still available.

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You can search Petra or Pontem online. There are many teaching articles.

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No there is just a link to the web page, and it’s down …

Don’t understand sir

Then you can wait and keep trying

Yes what I’m trying …

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All will be fine :love_you_gesture:

It seems that some votes are dedicated to solving this problem.

Really ? Where ? In discord?