Why Am I Still Here

Since stepping into web3, I’ve felt at a disadvantage, nervous, and afraid.

I learned on the go with no mentor, guidance, or understanding of this tech, and after two years in this industry, I’ve realized many strengths and weaknesses. Web3 was more than just jumping into new waters; it was deep waters with new languages, terms, and a new mindset, and I was curious if I’d sink or swim.

As time passed, I began to ask, Why Am I Still Here?

  • Do I understand what building a community means?

  • Do market crashes cause communities to disappear?

  • Why isn’t yesterday’s community today’s community?

After understanding the answers to these questions, I wondered if I was trying too hard or needed to go harder. I also realized that no matter how ambitious my dreams were or how much I’d love to have a strong community, I struggled to maintain one.

According to Complex Magazine, I didn’t have “enough support” to match my ambition


Hmmm! Well….


so sorry you feel this way i do think youre just mentally tired from all the repetitive process and i genuiely think you should take a break of two to three weeks to help with the stress


yes how are you

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