Who wants to get an Aptos airdrop round 2?

Sometimes airdrops come when we are not aware
so if you want to get an airdrop, don’t forget the little things :thinking:
stay here and be active in the Aptos network use aptos as our main network :fire:
When the time comes it will be a big surprise :sunrise::star_struck:

at the moment we can only predict by looking at the tokenomics and roadmap
But I think the Developer’s plans are certainly much more mature

So don’t forget to keep supporting Aptos Network🌅
(Sorry, my English is bad✌️)


Aptos airdrop 2 will come and we will reap the benefit


Yes Sir keep activ

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Good job mate

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what i need to do for getting drop?

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All of us want it

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What do you think will be the criteria for the Aptos 2nd drop?

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Relax bro,we will get there

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Yes relax …hope big surprise will come