Who is thecoldblooded

I am a Geologist (MSc in Computer Engineering). I have been interested in the cryptocurrency market since 2018. I am a node runner, investor and tester. I am good at coding.

It’s only been 2 months since I started to tie a knot. I’m currently running a few nodes, specifically Sei, Quicksilver, Aptos, Humanode, Paloma, Espresso, Minima, and Meson. This is not difficult for me as I love codes and linux. Since the day I started this adventure, I have improved myself a lot. I see it as my duty to support new ecosystems and contribute to their development.

My goal is to be a real part of projects as a mainnet validator. One day I will definitely be the first mainnet validator.

General information:

  • Organization: None, Individual but community-oriented.
  • Ruesandora community supporter and voluntary moderator
  • Location: Turkey
  • Languages: Turkish, English

Communication Channels: