Who has Guidelines on how to do a quick research for a token you just saw and want to buy?

As the bull run approaches, we gonna be seeing many projects flying up and down and we won’t have enough time to research on all these projects.

So I am on a hunt to find a strategy we can use to research a project as fast as possible. Let’s say 30 mins.

Do you guys have any suggestion or if anyone is ready, we can chat in the DM and come up with a solid strategy.
I am waiting


You should’ve used the bear market to perfect your strategy by now.


Degen be the best…. Invest in shitcoins with few bucks (as low as $5)

For alts, mostly is to long during Bullrun
And don’t forget to always take profit :yawning_face:


Check their market cap and white paper for the project potential


I do fam :writing_hand::writing_hand::muscle:

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Oh cool advice, you know how gas prices will be crazy during days like that.

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So it means it’s already late? We ain’t in the bull yet right ?

Nice one Fam.

Do you mind sharing ?

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Cool thank you sir