Which wallet to choose?

Hello Aptos Family! I have installed an Aptos Martian wallet, but the site ALREADY suggests installing a minimum of five wallets. Is there a global difference in wallets, maybe some are convenient? Too lazy to install everything :smiley:


I think Martian will be enough


That kinda sounds weired. Which site is suggesting this ?
I think that you can install the wallet you wish to use.

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Connect Wallet: Petra, Martian, Fewcha, Pontem, Rise.

It just got interesting. Sorry. :confused:

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you can use any of the 5 wallets. no need to install everything.

Thank you sir, everyone has his own choice

For me Martian is the most promising, also install Petra cuz it is official wallet

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martian is most comfortable, but petra is not bad too

Personally for me the most pleasant is Pontem, the only annoyance is its constant blocking, Martian quite often do not pass transactions. :mask:

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Correct answer

I use Martian too


Blocto wallet!
You can simply sign up with your email address
Very easy to use :+1: