Which one is best?

A) Aptos B) Ethereum C) Bitcoin D) Solona

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Sorry, i will need more details in order to answer this question

Could you please describe your question in details? Thanks.

aptostan bir airdrop kazanip kazanmadigimizi nasil ogrenicez mesela benim aptos cuzdanim 0xc24135d7c670d81660a1878edc200a719621c5a299156a6a6301046097fc5616 bu ama kazanip kaznamadigimi bilmiyorum nereden claim edecegimi de bilmiyorum kazandiysam tabiki. claim yerine direk cuzdanlara otomatik yollasalar daha iyi olmazmi?

that’s a pretty difficult questions, time will show who is gonna stay or gone

Really the question is not obvious

Aptos is the best no doubt dear

Aptos is the future, Eth is past

Bitcoin is a father and can’t be in any challenge!
But all other will be beating by Aptos and it’s a fact! :smiling_imp:
Just read this tread