Which number or letter will start the wallet address in Aptos? 0x...?

I apologize for the childish question. But it is very interesting with which number or letter the wallet will start in Aptos. Will it be like an ethereum wallet and start with 0x…?


Hello! Yes, something like my address:


You can create your own, we are live on testnet :star_struck:


Thx my friend/ Just interesting why 0x… Becouse Cosmos use word in the wallet adress. Dot another number. Solana use letter. You know it is my noob question)))

You can have names easily, here a dapp to help you create yours:

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Why Aptos use 0x… like ETH ? This is my question. And didnt use letter or name or another number

Oh, sorry then, really don’t know.

I suppose it is a standard the core team liked to keep. :vulcan_salute:


Thx for answering me and told about ANS!!!

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I think it will be 0x…

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That’s how it looks like