Which is Best launchpad on Aptos?

I think Aptoslauch is going to be huge what other lauchpads are currently growing and have more potential. Please name them


Launchpads are a thing of the past. Current projects don’t need them: koizumi, mov3r, abelfinance, houstonswap etc.


A project is only as good as the team and community behind it that’s why AptosLaunch is #1 and will stay #1. Just look at what has been achieved in such a short time, compare it to other projects and you will agree.


Agree somewhat with you

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Thanks, about half a year later a couple other move Launchpads failed. AptosLaunch is still #1, and keeps moving forward.
There is a lot of amazing stuff in the pipeline, stay tuned! :muscle: :heart:


I see aptoslaunch as a great chance, especially for those who miss the last bull. They will walk along with Aptos in the next bull, no need to be a prophet to see the future. Aptoslaunch is the biggest launchpad in Aptos, when Aptos hit 100 :heavy_dollar_sign: do not be surprise if you see 100x for ALT. (No financial advice.)

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