Where should a newbie go?

Hello everyone guys :smiley:

In advance, I beg you not to scold me much for such a Nubian topic :sweat_smile:

I would be very grateful if you share the content in any systematic format, where everything is laid out on the shelves. The fact is that it is completely incomprehensible where to start and how to do it is “correctly”.

So far, all the guides that I have read and watched often contradict each other - it’s incredibly confusing. I will be very glad to help knowledgeable guys.

I would like to work in this particular ecosystem, Aptos.

If you tell me any links with content, or at least where to look - I will be very grateful. Thanks in advance :grin: :heart:


But you’re here already and everything Aptos you can find it here!

Will advise you join the Aptos discord server and follow on Twitter


The first is for you to start with discobot bot. It will help get you started on the platform.


Thanks a lot guys. I will follow your advice. :grin:


Very wise of you dear.:handshake:t3:

Hi @remisonl , first you can go to

and read guidlines at https://forum.aptoslabs.com/guidelines


scroll out the badges

FAQ - Aptos firstly

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