Where is my Aptos

Hello, I have been trying to withdraw my Aptos to Binance since the day the Airdrop mail arrived, but I can’t. I transferred the APT coin to the Martian Wallet, but since I could not make the withdrawal transaction, I logged in and out of the Martian Wallet. I was unable to log in for a short time because I was getting a connection error between Aptos and Martian. Dec. I can’t see my APT coins via Martian Wallet and Petra Wallet at the same time, my wallet address is not read when I scan my address. Please help. Thank you.


@everyone, we’ve received a few complaints around an inability to access old accounts linked to old secret phrases that are now unsupported because of a change made to comply with Aptos Labs’ new standards.
However, the Martian team has found a solution for you!

Please follow these steps to recover your account (for users who got a different address after importing the account using secret phrase or are not able to send funds to other accounts from the wallet):

  1. Create a new wallet with a new secret phrase and save your new secret phrase and new wallet address
  2. Visit this website and paste your old secret phrase here: https://account-credentials.martianwallet.xyz/
  3. You will see a list of accounts after entering the secret phrase and clicking on the ‘Generate Credentials’ button.
  4. Use the search icon present in the table to search for your original address (not the address that was created after you imported the wallet using the old secret phrase).
  5. Copy the private key corresponding to your wallet address.
  6. Use this private key to import your wallet.
  7. Transfer all assets from this account into the wallet address with a new secret phrase

Be sure we do not store your private key or secret phrase anywhere. Please do not share this with anyone to keep your account safe. To be safe, you can turn off your internet before entering your secret phrase here.

Also, remember to transfer your assets into a fresh wallet address with a new secret phrase, and dont forget to note down your new secret phrase!

If you have any question regarding that please dont hesitate to ask here :point_right: Martian Aptos Wallet

Thank you.


Can you help me on discord? @cryptoaadam

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Go to discord and ask the Petra or Martian team to check for you this problem.

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I spoke to Martian but the problem is not Martian related.

Hello mate
I am worried you have been scammed!

Check that you didnt click fake links with scammers. Be careful while browsing , following or clicking social media links , telegram groups.

Many scammers created sinilar aptos groups or accounts on TG , Twitter etc when Aptos went mainnet.

If you clicked anyone of them, you have lost your aptos . Am afraid so.

Be careful.

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I don’t think I’ve been scammed. Because when I logged in and out to shoot, there was no connection between Aptos and Martian, I think it’s related to this. If you have an authority in the Aptos community, can you contact me on Discord?

Okay, you need to go discord and contact relevant wallet team for further technical support.

Petra wallet team gives instant answers

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I contacted Wallet for technical issue, it’s not a Martian related issue.

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Thanks king

Good luck mate :+1:

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I only have a screenshot showing that I transferred it to Wallet, but I can’t see the tx code in the Wallet activity section.
I can’t query because of this. At the same time, when I scan in Aptoscan or Aptos Explorer, it does not read my wallet address. Hence the need for Aptos community review.

Вот это ветка))
Удачи автору!

so thanks :slight_smile: