Where I can create NFT collection?

Anyone created NFT collection on APTOS? Without moderation and public sales. :dotted_line_face:


I don’t know, but you can buy or sell your NFTs at Bluemove or Topaz


You have the option of topaz or bluemove, but they receive more than 100 collections per day and they only mint one every x time, you can also do it by LMNFT, although for some reason some of the images have some loading problems, finally you can easily create your own mint, using the APTOS candymachine.
Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages, it depends a lot on the situation that your community is in if you already have investors, or if you should look for them. If you have minimal programming knowledge or not, LMNFT today is the fastest way to mint without knowledge, but you need to have your community armed. Regarding the secondary market, all options are automatically added to Topaz at the time the first mint of your collection is made.
If you need help you can contact me, we will be glad to help you.


@sattonft It’s really appreciated that aptos community has enthusiastic members like you, your answer is detailed and valuable, thank you very much


Thank you for more info