Where crypto will lead us here in the futre

As we all know, crypto wasnt really popular as before. but since time is progressing it has started evolving with us as we live our day to day lifes. Crypto currency has and have been starting to be used as currency. Who knows it might be used as the only mode of exchange in the future. Everything going digital and so as aptos. Now we just wait and see where time will take us.


Will lead us to a better world!


While we wait, we can also build solutions around the crypto industry. Not just new tokens but real solutions. That is the key to taking over the future.


Absolutely true :fire:

I think crypto will be value of equality of people . 1 usd is 1 usd in usa , you can earn 15 usd per hour but in afrique or poor countries lets say you can spend 2 days to earn 15 usd

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yes, indeed my man.

It also depends, on the job but yh true makes sense.