When will the second life of the NFT on aptos be?

Solana feels very bad. I see how liquidity is moving to ETH. Do you think the liquidity will then transfer to Aptos? There really are a lot of cool nft projects here that deserve attention


Aptos needs time, we are still very early, we have just started. There is also a bear market :wink:
I think we will see quite a bit of migration to Aptos over time!


We are very early on Aptos. I think we are very early in general in NFT.
Bear market is coming, it is a bad time to launch new NFT collections. When bull market will start I think we’ll see a lot of new top collections (and a lot of scam, of course)

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Aptos will make it, projects are all built in bear market. Wait for a bull market to see how Aptos will perform. It’s just my opinion not a financial advice.

The market right now is not very favorable for NFT projects… It will take some time, we will definitely see a BOOM! So now is the time to buy the top collections, my opinion)

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Well, that is your opinion

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