When will the Russian section be added to the forum?

There is a Russian community in almost all crypto projects. :muscle: And Aptos is no exception. Since I myself live in Russia, I would also like to see a section on this forum where they communicate in Russian. Tell me, please, are there any plans to add such a section? @luizlambor


I hope never :ok_hand:


Why do you think so? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: @markdietz

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why do you want us to do a Russian section???
we are all brothers!!!
it doesn’t matter where you’re from…we’re all…all crypto brothers!!!


Yes , the community has unite all of us irrespective of country

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The forum is developing, perhaps over time there will be local sections of the forum, where you can communicate in your native language.

Yes, but I would just like to communicate in my native language)

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Я понимаю тебя

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Good time to train your English skill)

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Why I cant report any comments?

I think also

not truth

Which comment would you like to complain about?

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Sorry mate but what is that?

dentheman post in thi topic