When will blockchain games go mainstream?

Blockchain gaming involves the use of blockchain technology in the creation and distribution of games - they are built on decentralized networks, which, compared to traditional online games, gives users greater protection of data as well as game assets.

What are the obstacles facing the industry?

Onboarding. This is one of the most important factors affecting cryptogames. Such projects are still relatively new, which means that users need to be educated on how to access and play them. This requires understanding complex concepts such as “wallet,” “token,” “smart contract,” and more, which can discourage new players. As a result, onboarding becomes the key to engaging users in blockchain games.

Poor gameplay. This is another problem that has plagued the crypto-gaming industry. Many blockchain-based projects fail to realize their potential due to a number of technical problems.

For example, the technology is relatively new and rapidly evolving, so it is difficult for developers to keep up with changes. And users often have to wait a long time for transactions to be processed, which delays game updates or access to new features.

Scalability problems. If too many players connect to the game at the same time, it leads to slow loading or even crashes. However, despite these problems, blockchain games have great potential, which can be realized if developers continue to promote innovative ideas and solutions.

What are the prospects for this market?

Despite all the challenges facing the market, developers and players, the future of blockchain games looks bright. The more users learn about the benefits of such games, the faster the adoption will be. In 2023 and beyond, the industry should begin to see steady growth.

With the influx of investment in the field and the increasing number of new games, there is great potential for cryptogames to become a mass phenomenon.

However, it’s too early to tell if 2023 will be a breakthrough year for this market, as it will ultimately only take one popular game to really make a difference.

What games do you play and is there a place for blockchain?


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