When starting your journey as a web3 enthusiast have in mind web3 is a space full of endless opportunities. 🧵

Here are 10 :thread: of things you probably know nothing about or may have overlooked, perhaps deeming them unnecessary to focus on.

Curious? . While I can’t guarantee perfection, I hope this guide of mine can serve as a valuable companion throughout your exploration of the Web3 space

1/ Web3 Fundamentals
2/ Convictions
3/ Continuous learning
4/ Practice, Practice, Practice
5/ Growth Mindset
6/ Assessing Risks
7/ Networking
8/ Experimentation
9/ Innovation
10/ Interconnectedness

1/ Web3 Fundamentals

Understand the Basics.
To thrive in Web3, you need to grasp the fundamentals of block chain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized networks. It’s like building a house; a strong foundation is crucial understanding these basics is essential for success.

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Yes endless possibilities

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