Whats expected to happen soon in Crypto market?


During the week Bitcoin did not go anywhere in particular, is at the same levels where it was a week ago (28900-29300). There were attempts to go higher and lower, but they did not lead to success.

What do we expect in the market next week?

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Factors of the fall.

  1. The situation with U.S. banks is spurring a mass exodus into crypto. Regulators perceive this as a threat, and to cool the interest in this asset class some barrier measures may be taken (a law with a lot of restrictions, tough tax requirements and other similar outrages).
    It is true, they are already regulated to the point where even Native American companies like Coinbase or Germini are leaving the United States.
    In the medium term, this is sabotage with regard to U.S. interests, and Americans have always been healthy pragmatists in this respect. But now in power.
  2. The Fear and Greed Index is still at a high. That has been shown to be a sign of the unexpected coming.
  3. Geopolitics. There is a possibility that in the next 2-3 weeks there may be situations that have never happened before in the entire history of Bitcoin. And the short-term reaction to these situations is not predictable.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Factors of growth.

  1. The situation with banks in the United States. It will clearly evolve, as the reasons that led to it are still relevant. Whichever way it is solved, the confidence in fiat will be somewhat undermined as a result.
  2. There will be an informal meeting between XRP and the SEC this week. So there may be an agreement and resolution of an old story that has been dragging on since 2020. And that will be a positive not only for XRP, but for the market as a whole.
  3. The market cycle is not over, the alts have not yet risen, and the ID is high. In these situations, a short-term correction is possible, a longer decline is less likely.

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