What you must know about Aptos!

Let’s Dive into Tokenomics and remaining airdrop portion detail⚡️

:white_small_square:Aptos total supply: 1,033,725,049
:white_small_square:Supply allocated for community: 51.02%
:white_small_square:Airdrop 1 Distribution: 2% ~ 20 million token to 110,235 eligible address

We will look into following topics for increasing our chances on Round 2 drop :point_down:t2:

  1. Forum Sign in and interaction
  2. Few important wallet & dexes
  3. Few Aptos NFT marketplaces
  4. Aptos Name service
  5. Aptos official Bridge
  6. Liquid staking of APT in tortuga

:point_right:t2: Forum Link: Aptos

  1. Sign in using email or discord in which you got airdrop or use new

  2. Badges are being collected but now it’s on maintenance.

  3. Complete profile & be active on forum