What Would Need to Happen for Bitcoin to Reach $45K This Year According to JPMorgan

Bitcoin’s price could surge as high as $45,000 this year according to JPMorgan’s analysts. For the asset to reach that level it needs to be accepted by investors as a similar investment tool as gold, which many have argued for in the past several years. As of May 2021, gold is valued at around $1,950/oz and its value held by private investors amounts to around $3 trillion. If Bitcoin were seen and treated similarly by those same investors then its value could reach up to $45,000. The upcoming 2024 halving is another factor that could drive a surge in BTC prices since past halving events have done so in the past.


Missed out on bitcoin in the stage


I think next bullrun will start at the february

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What happen now?

adaptation is important.

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